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We used the services of this company to install central heat and air in our home. Leonard arrived at our home promptly and gave us a great quote with excellent warranties. They were able to install the unit within 2 days. He and his staff were prompt, professional and friendly. We were so happy with the service we received that we have hired Leonard and his team for various other projects at our home and our office. Since then, he has re-wired electrical, fixed and rebuilt our wooden deck and staircase, and installed new plumbing.I should mentioned that our home is a 1926 Spanish style home with no crawl space to install the central air above the ceiling. This makes the job more difficult and costly. As mentioned above, their quote was affordable and we received excellent customer service. We recommend LA Construction Heating and Air to anyone. They are the best!

Remy Echo Park August 2013,

We highly recommend this company. We are repeat customers we had both a remodel and the AC fixed. Their prices are reasonable, we did a lot of shopping around and they had the best quotes. Leonard is wonderful and was able to deal with our hectic household and all of my issues and concerns regarding the work being done.

Ana, Granada Hills, March 2012,

Thank you.  I am very please with the work and how easy it was to make an appointment.  Good job all around.

David, Sherman Oaks, December 2011,

LA Construction, Heating and Air helped us again.  The quality is good, the response is prompt, and the price is reasonable.

Shawn Ma, Chinese Bible Church, October 2011,

I enjoyed having a one-stop shop experience and the bundled pricing. You technician took care of several of my pain points, which normally I would have to get different people for, i.e. plumber, electrician, etc. I needed to replace a rusted pipe, fix motion sensor on the front porch, and patch gaps near the roof line. On top of everything, your guy was extremely professional and does really good work.  I would use your company again for a bigger project in the future.

Woodland Hills, July 2010,

Thank you for everything. I would gladly use your service again…and the overall response and work was excellent. Your technician was knowledgeable, capable and easy to communicate with.

Studio City, July 2010 ,
“My experience with your company was a good one. The job came in at the estimated price and was executed professionally.”
Studio City
February 2010
“Great job done. Will use again. Technicians did a terrific job and … I will recommend them to my friends and neighbors ”
February 2010
“Thanks for the great job you all did on our gutters. It’s the best they have worked since we moved in last march.”
George P.
Woodland Hills
February 2010
“I appreciate the servicing. You were reasonably priced, prompt & thorough with all activity. Thank you very much, I will be back next time I need servicing.”
Jeffrey Karpman
Canoga Park
January 2010
“Just wanted to let you know that we had a very pleasant experience working with you project manager, Leonard. He is extremely professional, careful and knowledgeable…and does amazing work! We plan on using your services again.”
September 23, 2009
“I just wanted to let you know what a great job your technician did at my site today regarding the repairing of the dropped ceiling.
He was on time and completed the job in a very timely manner. His on site cleanliness during the job was amazing, considering we had to work around employees.
I will definitely keep your company on file for any future work.
Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Jerry Ackerman
Maly’s Facilities
July 28, 2009
“Fantastic and professional company. The technician who rebuilt our fire-damaged fence, did it to perfection, arrived on time, and removed all the debris. I will continue to go with Advanced Handyman Services for all my home remodeling and repairs.
Jeff Cvengros
Woodland Hills
Pregabalin to buy uk
September 2008
“After discovering that someone was stealing my mail, I urgently needed to have a new locking mail box installed. I called several handyman services, but none were willing or able to do the job the day I called or the next day. LA Construction appreciated my predicament and were able to adjust their schedule to accommodate me that day. Their estimate was far more reasonable than any other quote that I obtained on the phone. Even though taking out the old mailbox post proved to be considerably more difficult and took much longer than first anticipated, they charged exactly what they quoted me up front.
A rod iron gate to our back yard had a broken hinge and a loose bar that needed to be welded. Again, technician from LA Construction showed up with the welding equipment at the appointed hour and fixed the gate for considerably less than what I paid the last time that I had the gate repaired.
I will definitely call Advanced Handyman Services the next time that I need any repair or remodeling work done at my home. They are honest, timely and perform excellent work at reasonable prices.”
where to buy Pregabalin
September 2008
“I’m so happy that LA Construction were recommended to me. I found their technician to be a very pleasant and friendly. He did a great job rebuilding my 21 year old backyard deck. Some support beams needed to be replaced and a set of steps needed to be built. Part of the project involved taking apart a section of sprinkler pipes in order to rebuild around it. That was not a problem. But the best part is that he got the small detailing done right. Special attention was paid to getting the mitered angled pieces to fit right. I’d recommend Advanced Handyman Services anytime.” Ed Wexler
Woodland Hills
July 2008
“When my last contractor left a sub-par job unfinished I didn’t know what to do. I had renters moving in and a ton of work that needed to be finished. Everything was a mess from the electrical to the plumbing and carpentry. Thank God for Leonard and LA Construction …I know it sounds cheesy but he literally saved me. After interviewing a dozen handy men, he came over, and finished the job right the first time. He worked until it was done and had an amazing attitude. I have been through tons of contractors and handyman companies and ALA Constructions is by far the best company I have ever had. Now when something goes wrong I don’t worry…I just call LA Conctruction ! (fyi..they didn’t pay me to write this, that’s just how thankful I am :)”
Los Angeles
January 2008
“You have to call these guys! They are on time; they clean up and stay until the job is done. Our project manager also helps with the planning of the project and visited our home a few times before we began renovating. Our master bedroom was transformed entirely and our bathroom looks like the model homes! The project manager has exceptional craftsmanship. He is a detailed guy that knows what he’s doing. So far, I’ve recommended LA Construction to two friends and they are currently working on our neighbor’s house. ”
Simi Valley
order Pregabalin online canada
June 2007
I am so glad one of my fellow employees at the USPS handed me a flyer for LA Construction . I had used many others without satisfaction and had been searching for a good handyman to help me complete many projects. I have had work completed much to my satisfaction by LA Construction. I highly recommend this company’s work.”
Lorna D.
buy oral Pregabalin
April 2007
“I have used LA Construction a number of times over the past couple of years. In all instances their work was professional, efficient and competitively priced. We will continue to use LA Construction whenever the need arises. We do not hesitate in giving Advanced Handyman Services a good recommendation.”
West Hills
can i order Pregabalin online
January 2007