Commercial remodeling Los Angeles is typically done to add value to the commercial property by addressing the needs of the current or future tenants. Regardless of the type of business, successful enterprises are measured by growth; growth requires more space. Or does it?

It’s sometimes possible to achieve the desired remodeling goals through retrogrades, a design makeover and the re-purposing of existing space. Walls can be added or removed, entirely new departments can be accommodated and work areas can be re-configured for maximum utilization and productivity.

Although these steps are often enough to take a healthy business to the next level, rampant growth can require even greater changes with additional space added through build-outs and expansive remodeling techniques. For instance, multilevel floor space (tiering) might be the perfect solution when it’s allowable by the interior room height.

Professional commercial overhauls are costly but shouldn’t be cost prohibitive! It’s vital to weigh the benefits as well as the costs. So, what are some of the rewards of remodeling commercial space?


It’s a very simple concept at work here. More clients, more products, more employees and more business materials call for more space. Trying to plan for commercial growth without planning the space to accommodate it is like trying to pour a pot of coffee into a single cup – impossible and messy!

Comfort & Safety

Well planned remodeling places emphasis on the maximum comfort and safety of everyone coming, going and spending time inside of the premises. All areas are well-lighted, clutter-free and designed to buffer noise. A better environment creates a better experience for everyone – clients and workers, alike!

This carries into the exterior areas of a business, too! Parking shouldn’t seem like an impossible chore, outer areas shouldn’t feel desolate and dangerous, entries and exits should be ADA accessible and the landscaping should be calming and inviting. Curb appeal is overlooked far too often and it’s a very important factor to include in any commercial remodeling plan.


Whether the commercial enterprise is a restaurant, an office building, a medical clinic or an industrial manufacturer, productivity will be at its peak when there’s adequate space combined with inspiring interior design. Crowding and clutter actually constrict creative energy and contribute to worker fatigue and lethargy. Adequate space and thoughtful designs make a huge impact!


Businesses reap the rewards of expansion and so do the landlords/building investors. Tenants are very attracted to properties that have already undergone renovations; existing tenants are more eager to extend their leases. In other words, Los Angeles commercial remodeling is a WIN/WIN for everyone! What are you waiting for?