These 7 bathroom remodeling tips from the pros can bring you closer to having the bathroom that you’ve always wanted, with the least amount of fuss and at a lower cost.

1. Define Your Budget

Setting a limit on what you’re able or willing to spend on your bathroom remodeling project will help you to establish all of the other guidelines. For instance, you’ll know which items will be replaced, which materials can be used and how much reconstruction can be done.

Adhering to the boundaries of a budget might call for some innovative creativity to get the look and feel that you want. Selecting the right accessories, lighting and colors can make even a low-budget bathroom remodeling project appear luxurious.

2. Remove The Floor Underlayment

You can drastically reduce the time and cost of the remodeling job by taking up the old plywood underlayment along with the old floor covering. The new flooring will go down much faster when you start with clean and economical cement board or plywood. It also ensures that you aren’t putting new flooring material on top of a water-damaged underlayment.

3. Best Bathroom Floor Selections

Avoid porous tiles made from natural stones. They require expensive, routine sealing to prevent absorption of liquids. Eventually, they look stained and unsightly. Select porcelain or durable, glazed tiles instead.

Select tiles with anti-slip surfaces. Textures, matte finishes and glazes that contain sand particles are all optimum choices. Keep in mind that the surface grip increases as the size of the tiles decreases because the smaller tiles require more lines of grout.

4. Decorative Accents Aren’t All Or Nothing

Decorative tiles can be cost-prohibitive. If you can’t afford to tile an entire section, consider using the tiles as a border or placed randomly among other tiles to create some eye-catching flair.

The same principle holds true for wall coverings, special lighting and mirrors. It doesn’t take a huge budget to create an interesting, welcoming ambiance. All it takes is well-placed, harmonious selections.

5. Decide Where To Make A Splash

Regardless of the size of your remodeling budget, there’s a built-in limit that keeps your spending in check. It can feel overwhelmingly restrictive to constantly hold back on cost. What’s the point in remodeling if you aren’t going to enjoy the results?

Right from the start, determine at least one feature that’s a ‘must have’ in your design and make sure you get it! Maybe you want designer shower and window curtains, brass fixtures, a towel warmer or an antiqued vanity. Splurge on it and compromise on the remaining remodeling components.

6. Replacing By Refinishing

You’ll spend approximately 90% less (yes, that’s NINETY PERCENT LESS!) to refinish an existing tub, shower or bathroom sink. While keeping the current items out of the landfill, you’ll also be avoiding the huge disruption and mess that accompanies most tear-outs.

7. Keep your plumbing lines where they are.

Moving them can easily send your budget to the moon. Instead, get a new look while saving money by upgrading the shower, bathtub or toilet.

Bathroom remodeling is typically difficult to complete without the assistance of professionals. Lighting and special heating systems might require the involvement of an experienced electrician. Plumbers might need to be called on to drain, move or install water lines.

When you’re treading outside of your comfort zone, mistakes can quickly cost you more than hiring an experienced contractor from the start. Call on our professional bathroom remodeling specialists for any or all of your project needs. We can expertly assist you with every step from bathroom design to completion.

Would you like to see a 3-D rendition of your project plans? We can make it happen. We can even help you to obtain any necessary permits, keep you within budget and ensure that your project is finished on time. Our only goal is to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to make an appointment for a bathroom remodeling consultation.